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Holiday Skier
Parts List:
2 wiggly eyes 3mm
2 flower or spoke sequins
1 green chenille bumps
1 round Clothespin
2 mini craft sticks
2 craft picks
4 inch red chenille stem
12 inch 1/8 inch wide hanging ribbon
12 inch 1/4 inch wide red ribbon for scarf
Red felt (3 inches x 4.5 inches)

1) Paint the body of the clothespin green and 1 inch of the legs black (for boots). Paint the head flesh color. See figure 1. Let dry.

2) Paint the two mini craft sticks (skis) and the two craft picks (ski poles) yellow.

3) Cut a piece of 1/8 inch hanging ribbon 12 inches long and glue the ends to the back of the clothespin just below the neck as seen in figure 2.

4) Cut a piece of red felt the size and shape of figure 3. This will be the skier’s coat.

5) Glue the coat that you cut out in step 4 to the clothespin. Place a bead of glue around the shoulders just below the neck (See figure 4). Wrap the coat around the clothespin with the opening in the front as seen in figure 5. Let the front of the coat “poof” out. It should not be flat against the clothespin in the front.

6) Place a bead of glue around the neck. Cut a piece of ¼ inch red ribbon 10 inches long and wrap it around the skier’s neck twice like a scarf. Trim the scarf leaving an inch sticking out on each side. Cut a fork shape in the ends. See figure 8.

7) Cut one bump out of a piece of green chenille bump stem and bend it around in a circle. See figure 6 Glue it to the top of the skier’s head as seen in figure 8.

8) Cut a piece of red chenille stem 4 inches long. Bend the ends over to form hands and bend it in a “U” shape around the back of the clothespin. See figure 7. The arms should point out the front and bend slightly downward. See figure 8. Glue them in place.

9) Make the ski poles by poking the pointy ends of the craft sticks through the star sequins. Push the sequins up as far as they will go (about ¼ of an inch). See figure 8.

10) Glue the ski poles in the skier’s hands. See figure 8.

11) Place a bead of glue on the bottom of each leg and set the skier on the skis. Leave a gap between the skis.

12) Glue on the eyes, paint some rosy red cheeks.