Clothespin Craft Kits by Montanye Arts: Clothespin Dolls, Clothespin Ornaments and Clothespin People
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Montanye Arts Clothespin People Ornament Craft Kit Information
Imagine what you can make with a clothespin
Our clothespin people ornaments and dolls are all designed around the old fashioned one-piece wooden clothespins. Clothing and accessories are made from felt, chenille stems, ribbon, craft sticks and other basic craft materials. Since the installation of a new laser cutting machine this summer all future kits will ship with material and felt precut to the desired size and shapes. We will continue to ship last year's stock that still has the patterns and rough cut material along with the laser cut material in a separate package until the stock is sold out. The Craft Kits come with complete, easy to follow, step by step instructions with illustrations.

It is our desire to include paint and glue in the kits as well however, we have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable supplier. Look for this in the future. Our kits are best for crafters 8 and up. The kits include small parts not suitable for very young children.

Our Clothespin Crafts kits contain everything you need to create your ornaments. You provide glue and paint. Clothespin Ornament and Doll Kits come one, two, three, or four to a package. Clothespin Doll Craft Kits by Montanye Arts come professionally packaged.
Gluing Tips:
  • We recommend Aleene's Tacky glue and acrylic paints to assemble your kits.
  • When gluing felt or material together, apply the glue to the felt and let it set for 5 to 10 minutes before placing the two pieces together.
  • Never apply pressure when using glue to attach felt or material to another object. Applying pressure will cause the glue to be absorbed into the felt or material which will discolor the material and diminish its ability to stick. Instead, touch the surfaces together lightly and let it dry without applying pressure. You only need to apply enough pressure to keep it in place. Tacky glue will stick quickly. For stubborn objects place an object on top of the material until the glue holds.
  • Keep your fingers clean from glue or paint. If you touch the felt with glue on your fingers it will make the felt look messy.
Hair Tips:
  • To make curly hair, ball the doll hair up into the palm of your hand and roll it into a tight ball with the finger tips of your other hand. This works best if your hands are slightly damp (not wet). Once you have a small tight ball of hair, pull the edges out to make a flat pancake large enough to fit over the clothespin head.
  • To make long hair, stretch the doll hair out in one long line holding one end in each hand. Fold it in half and in half again and again until you have a batch of hair several inches long. Next roll it back in forth in your hand as if you were making a snake from dough. Fold this in half a couple of times until it is about 2 inches long. Glue it over the head of the clothespin doll with one end on each side of the clothespin head.
  • To create a neatly combed look, keep the doll hair in its original shape as a neatly rolled spring. Stack it so it makes a neat looking rounded pile of hair. Spread the pile out to cover the head.
  • Don't be concerned if the hair does not look perfect at first. You can always give it a hair-cut after the glue dries or glue down some parts that didn't adhere the first time.
Look for more tips and photos to come.