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Leprechaun clothespin Craft Kit
Introducing the Spring Holiday ornament Kits. The Leprechaun hanging ornament Kit. Kit makes 1 Leprechaun. Paint and glue are sold separately. UPC: 857114002570

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Spring Holidays clothespin People Ornaments Craft Kits
Spring Holidays old fashion wooden clothespin ornament kit. This craft kit makes 4 ornaments to hang: Bunny plane, Valentine fairy, Leprechaun and President. Winter Holiday Crafts for the whole family.

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Jester hanging clothespin ornament coming soon
Coming soon: Jester, April fools!. Wooden clothespin ornament craft kit. All material included to make 1 ornament. Blue and flesh colored paint and glue not included. Good for spring decorations for ages 10 and up. Material is not precut however patterns are included and most cutouts are simple shapes such as circles and squares.

We recommend Aleen's Fast Grab tacky glue, the basic paint color set and the set of 6 paint brushes to complete your ornament project which can be found in the paint and glue section.

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