Clothespin Caft Kits
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Bunny Plane
Bunny Plane Clothespin Ornament
Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny Clothespin Ornament
Cow Clothespin Craft
Horse Clothespin Craft
Sheep Clothespin Craft
Hula Dancer
Hula Dancer Clothespin Person
Garden Fairy
Garden Fairy Clothespin Person
Ice Fairy
Ice Fairy Clothespin Person
Flower Fairy
Flowerbed Fairy Clothespin Person
Woods Fairy
Woods Fairy Clothespin Person
Nutcracker Clothespin Ornament
Rat King
Rat King Clothespin Ornament
Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy Clothespin Ornament
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy Clothespin Ornament
Christmas Angel
Chrimstas Angel Clothespin Ornament
Santa's Elf
Santa's Elf Clothespin Ornament
Santa Clause
Santa Claus Clothespin Ornament
Santa Plane
Santa Plane Clothespin Ornament
Soldier Clothespin Craft
Reineer (large)
Large Reindeer Clothespin Ornament
Mrs. Santa
Mrs. Santa Claus Clothespin Person
Holiday Skier
Holiday Skier Clothespin Person
Skiing Santa
Skiing Santa Clothespin Crafts
Reindeer (small)
Small Reindeer Clothespin Ornament
Snowman Clothespin Ornament
Scarecrow Clothespin Crafts
Pilgrim Man
Pilgrim Man Clothespin Person
Pilgrim Woman
Pilgrim Woman Clothespin Person
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey Clothespin Craft
Native American Indian
Native American Indian Clothespin Craft
Wizard of Oz Dorothy Clothespin Person
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Clothespin Craft
Tin Man
Wizard of Oz Tin Man Clothespin Craft
Cowardly Lion
Cowardly Lion Clothespin Craft
Leprechaun Clothespin People
Valentine Fairy
Valentine Fairy Clothespin Ornament
Theodore Roosevelt
President Roosevelt Clothespin Person
George Washington
President George Washington Clothespin Person
Abraham Lincoln
President Abraham Lincoln Clothespin Person
Thomas Jefferson
President Thomas Jefferson Clothespin Person
Dracula the Vampire Clothespin Craft
Frankenstein's Monster Clothespin Craft
Jack O' Plane
Jack O' Plane Clothespin Craft
Halloween Witch
Halloween Witch Clothespin Craft
Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost Clothespin Craft
Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman Clothespin Craft
Halloween Bat
Halloween Bat Clothespin Craft
Unlucky Cat
Unlucky Cat Halloween Clothespin Craft
Mummy Clothespin Craft
Pirate Clothespin Ornament is a division of Montanye Arts. Created by Jeff Montanye
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