Clothespin Craft Kits by Montanye Arts: Clothespin Dolls, Clothespin Ornaments and Clothespin People
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Clothespin People Ornament Craft Kits For Fun Times
Montany Arts has been selling craft items since 1990 Including Yarn Dolls, Pompom Monsters, Crystal Candles and now wooden clothespin people ornament kits.
Old fashioned wooden clothespins
You'll be amazed at what you can make with a clothespin

I first started selling crafts when I was 12 years old. I made dolls out of yarn and sold them for fifty cents at the local mall. I also sold pompom monsters door to door and later sold granulated wax candles at local craft shows. I've always enjoyed the art of business. I started creating ornaments and dolls from clothespins in 1990 which has developed into the business I have now. I still have the original ornaments I made over 20 years ago. In fact, many of them were used to create the pictures I have listed here in my shop. That shows how well these keepsakes hold up. Iíve also added many improved new designs. Currently I only sell kits to make your own but I have new ideas in the works which might change this. is owned and operated by Montanye Arts. Montanye Arts is the creative outlet for the ideas and inventions of Jeff Montanye, a creative mind exploding with ideas but imprisioned by the demands of every day life.

Some of these ideas include:
Old Wooden Clothespin Christmas Ornaments
Maze Zing, a book of mazes from photographs
Just Ad Here. A new way to advertise
Assistacomp computer services.

Montanye Arts and Assistacomp computer services are both run out of the same building in Bullville, NY between Middletown and Pine Bush.
The building was built around 1900 as a tin smith shop. It closed sometime in the fifties and was used for storage. It was renovated in 2006 as Assistacomp.
1355 Rt. 302
PO Box 148
Bullville, NY 10915